A Greater Story with Sam Collier: Our Place In God's Plan

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Day Five

Give, Give, Give!

Scripture: John 3:16; Acts 20:35

What I’ve noticed, time and again, is that the people who have committed themselves to letting God write their story, to pursuing God’s purpose for their lives, to modeling themselves after the great sacrifice that God prompted in his Son, are the same ones who are eager to sacrifice deeply.

It’s worth noting that the most successful people I know—and by the grace of God I’ve been able to sit with world leaders, key influencers, and billionaires along the way—all have the same thing to report. Without exception, what they tell me is this: “Sam, the fulfillment I’ve known from things I’ve acquired can’t begin to compete with the fulfillment I’ve found by helping someone else.” 

That sentiment sounds familiar, doesn’t it? In Acts 20:35, Luke quotes Jesus as saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” 

A statement from John comes to mind: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son. . .” (See John 3:16.)

And another one, from Andy Stanley: “Don’t make the mistake of believing that every resource that comes to you is for your consumption, alone.”

Give! Give! Give! 

Keep in mind at all times that what God has entrusted to you might be for someone else. 

Trust God in this: Follow his Son’s example in laying everything on the line for him. You will be blessed when you give. You will glorify God when you give. You will save lives when you choose to give. Giving is always a part of letting God write your story.

What is hardest for you to give at this point in your life—time, money, energy? What is one way you could give that hard thing this week?