You DO Have A Prayer!

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“We DO have a Prayer!”

The old adage, “he doesn’t have a prayer” is an expression describing someone facing circumstances with impossible odds of success. Or a sportscaster may say, “He threw up a prayer,” when a player makes a last-ditch attempt at scoring a three-point shot from the other end of the court as the buzzer sounds.

But God never intended our prayer life to be a last resort to overcoming difficult odds after we’ve exhausted all other options and resources. The truth is that God wants prayer to be the center of every Christian’s life: the first place we go when in need, not the last. He wants to hear from us all day, every day, both in our times of want and need, and in times of abundance and fulfillment. Also, God wants to demonstrate His love in so many ways by being in constant communication with us as we pray.

Prayer is the key to seeing positive change in our lives and surroundings, and is foundational to growing in our walk with God.