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Pray By The Book: PsalmsSample

Pray By The Book: Psalms

DAY 1 OF 4

Pray for the Nations

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

In the aftermath of this pandemic, there is no doubt that people will be shaken, struck to the core, and seek security in very uncertain times. We may be disappointed by world leaders and governments for their shortcomings during these unprecedented times, but Psalm 33 brings back our gaze upon the Lord who is sovereign over all (v 1-5) and urges us to praise the Creator of the world and the Preserver thereof (v 6-8)—who holds everything in His counsel and plan (v 9-11).

Nations may strategize and place their hope in their own might (v 16-17), but “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (v 12), and God will surely take care of those whose trust is in Him (v 18-22) 

Reflect: Why is that nation, whose God is the Lord, so blessed? 

The reason lies in the awesome attributes of the Lord: He is all-powerful, majestic, sovereign, holy, and yet, gracious, loving, and faithful. Because of this, the nation who depends on God is secure and its people satisfied and joyful. 

We pride ourselves as a “Christian Nation”, whose God is the Lord. When we think of our country, look at the people in it, and ask ourselves: are we blessed?

If we, God’s people, find a disconnect between what the Bible says and what we observe in our midst, then God is telling us that we need to exert more in doing our part to make this country a nation whose God is indeed the Lord Jesus Christ 

As you pray...

Intercede on behalf of your country—including your leaders, that we may all seek the Lord over the issues that continually encroach upon the nation. 

Lift up a prayer for the world—including other nations and governments, that we may all depend on the Lord to intervene in this pandemic to thwart it from spreading, to carry us through the adverse effects on the world economy, and to enable medical advancements for the health and protection of all. 


Day 2

About this Plan

Pray By The Book: Psalms

Many of us have gone through challenges. This is why we learn to pray by the book through the Psalms - to face our fears and anxieties by placing our faith in God who is in control as expressed in most of the psalms.

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