Why Worry?

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What is worry?

Worry is defined as ‘giving way to anxiety or unease; allowing one's mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles’.

This is a great definition. What it implies is thinking about life events can turn into an unhealthy pattern of worry. There’s something that will always want to fill our minds, but it’s up to us to give way to it. Think of your mind as a door to a house, the house being your body. It’s common practice for people to ring the door before they enter the house so you can see who is there. When we recognise the person or quite frankly want to see them, then we allow them in. A stranger cannot willingly just barge in without your approval. 

In that view, it’s not every thought we should allow to live in our mind. There will be difficulty and troubles, but again, you can choose to dwell on the difficulties or challenge them. It doesn’t mean the difficulties and the thoughts surrounding them will go instantly, but it does mean that you choose to take control of that situation temporarily.

The difference then between worrying and thinking is worry consumes you 

The issue around worry is that we believe it’s unnatural. Actually, psychologists will advise you to allocate a time of day in which you note your worries. In that moment, all you do is think about what’s causing you to worry and then you note it down. The idea is to acknowledge the worry but not permit it to interrupt your daily life.

Verse 25 of Matthew 6, gives a glimpse into that. It’s not that we won’t worry but truly what has worrying ever done for you? You worry about your family, career and even your health, but by worrying what did you gain? 

For some, worrying has become a crutch that takes away from prayer and devotion unto God which should be our first response.

Response for the Day:

Father, today I cast my cares on You because I know You care for me. I leave my burdens because I know Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. Help me to renew my mind and live the life you want me to live-free from worries and fears about tomorrow. Amen