Relationship Goals

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“Before the Person”

Before there was ever a person on this earth—and in fact before there was even an earth—there was already relationship. How’s that? It’s because God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit existed as three persons in one. 

Now, I can’t totally explain the Trinity. Nobody can. It’s real, but how it works goes beyond our ability to comprehend. The thing is, the Bible makes it clear that the three persons of the Trinity have dwelled together forever

Meaning relationship was, is, and forever will be. Cool, huh?

Maybe the coolest thing about all this (for us anyway) is that humanity was created out of that everlasting relationship. The Trinity had a conversation and agreed, “Let us make human beings in our own image” (Genesis 1:26). The Trinity didn’t need us. They were already perfect, complete, and fulfilled within Themselves. But out of the overflow of Their love, They decided to create humans, both male and female.

The first human, Adam, lived in the Garden of Eden with God as his companion from his first day. In other words, he had a relationship with God before there was even one other human to know. 

The picture we get in Genesis 2—3 is that God and Adam were homies. They would hang together in the garden, talk about this and that, and take walks to look at the shiny new plants and animals while enjoying the cool evening breeze together. All by themselves, just the two of them.

Here’s what we need to get out of this: No matter what other relationships we have (or don’t have), all of us can have a relationship with God. Through Christ, He invites us into the same kind of connection He has within the Trinity—a loving, giving relationship. 

Even though the top relationship goal we have on our minds right now probably is finding or improving a human relationship, it’s important to see how our relationship with God should come first and above all other relationships. It’s the relationship, our ultimate relationship, and all blessings flow out of that relationship. 

What is your relationship with God like? How does it affect your human relationships?