Becoming A Yes Sister By Angelia White


Day 1 

Why Seek “Yes Sisters”?

Whenever I hear a woman say, “I’ve got two friends and I’m cool,” I want to implore her to gather more friends close, to open her arms and heart to a wide circle of friends, diverse in every way. One friend can never meet all our needs. We can’t meet all of a friend’s needs either. 

The word friend conjures different images, from little girls in dress-up clothes to adventurous old ladies on a greeting card to women laughing together or leaned in close sharing secrets over coffee. The imagery of friendship is filled with joy, laughter, meaning, hugs, adventures, comfort, and always love. Friends make life richer. We need friends, and we need to be a friend.

But those I call “Yes Sisters” are more. In addition to being a friend, a Yes Sister is a woman in your circle who believes in you, who offers encouragement, insights, love, and wonder. Her words and being stir your soul toward greatness. As friends do, Yes Sisters know where you’ve been and who you are now and love you anyway. They also act as lighthouse keepers who keep lit the torch that guides you toward the future God has for you. They relight the lamp when the waves of circumstance or past issues roll higher around us. When your own sight grows dim, they carry the vision of who God is creating you to be. In addition to being wonderful friends, Yes Sisters help you become your best self.

It’s easy to feel invisible when circumstances bring us down and loneliness lingers. With beautiful persistence, Yes Sisters don’t leave us to drift in isolation. When our faith is tested, they speak truth from God’s Word. They are trustworthy and always there for us.

It’s important to surround ourselves with friends—and Yes Sisters—who will make sure we always remember how valuable and how valued we are, and that no won’t be the only word we’ll hear.

Who among your friends do you count as Yes Sisters? Are you a Yes Sister to others? Make a list of the ways in which you affect each other’s lives for the better.