How to Pray


 Spiritual Warfare: Standing against Evil 

The Bible is quite clear that we are at war. There is a vicious battle raging all around us between the kingdom of God and the tyranny of a cruel insurgency.’

Today, we’re unpacking a challenging reality that we face as Christians. Evil exists in our world. There is a battle that we are part of. And to fight against it, we need to stand strongly in our Christ-given identity, as today’s passage highlights.

Our children used to have a pet hamster called Snuffles, who had an uncanny knack of escaping her cage. Snuffles was the Houdini of hamsters. We also have a large, much-loved Labradoodle called Noodle, who has never knowingly been unkind to another living thing. She is the kindest, gentlest, most submissive and compliant dog you could ever meet. 

On one occasion, when Snuffles had once again made a valiant break for freedom, she finally met Noodle. Finding herself staring up at this vast mountain of wolf, Snuffles froze. The two animals eyeballed each other for a while, and then we watched in amazement as Noodle began to cower. She laid down and rolled onto her back. The dog, we realised, was actually trying to submit to the hamster.

I think we can agree it’s ridiculous for a 65-pound carnivore to fear a tiny dumb rodent that eats its own poop. Confronted by a mere mouthful of fluff, Noodle said in effect, ‘Please don’t hurt me. Please like me. You can be the boss.’ 

Too many people are timid in their prayers and terrified in their dealings with the Enemy. The moment they behold him they roll over and submit because they don’t understand who they are in Christ, how highly favoured and powerful they actually are.’

As Ephesians 1 highlights, and Pete so beautifully articulates, we have favour and power with the living God because of Jesus. And when we pray, we are stepping into this authority and standing in this truth. 

As we pray against the dark forces and spiritual powers of evil at work in our world, pause and remember who you are in Jesus. Receive the hope to which he has called you. 

Jesus, thank you for the power that is in your name and for the favour and power you give us, your people. Help me, today, to step out and stand strong against the evil of this world.