Hidden Forces in Fasting

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Spiritual Battle In Fasting And Prayer

Be on guard! What challenges are you facing currently? What do you want to see God do about them? What is distracting you from dealing with them? It may be that you are going through a hard time or want to be ready when you do. Either way, regular prayer and fasting are two things you can do to help. We all experience difficult times in our lives. Kim Chaffin explains how prayer and fasting helped her experience peace and healing.

Listen to Kim

Now take a moment to do a self-assessment. Are you struggling? Does life feel like a battle? Do you want more peace and healing? God loves you and wants to help you. Prayer and fasting are two powerful and practical ways to experience more joy. You can have peace in the midst of the difficult challenges that life sometimes brings.


  • What is stressing you out right now? Think about some situations that are causing you stress and write them down. Begin asking God for help in each situation.
  • Consider skipping one meal and spend that time talking to God about the problems you wrote down. If you cannot skip a meal, you could try taking a break from social media or watching TV and spend that time talking to God and solving those problems.