You and Me, Forever

You and Me, Forever

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The First Words

For fifty-seven years, Steven Henning from Huntley, Illinois, could not hear the sound of music, laughter, or even other people’s voices. Even though he had a good life, Steven still longed to hear the voices of those whom he loved. 

During the winter season in 2001, he heard news about an operation that could make sound waves bypass the non-functioning part of the ear and go straight into the auditory nerves. He underwent this operation on 30th January. Because the hearing aid could not be attached and activated before the swelling in his ears had subsided, both Steve and the doctor did not have any idea if the operation was successful.

Finally, after waiting anxiously for six weeks, the auditory specialist attached the hearing aid. Then the doctor asked Steve’s wife to say something. Pat Henning approached her husband and gently said, “I love you.” Steve smiled as he was finally able to hear for the first time in sixty years. The first words he heard were words of love. 

The same goes for our marriage and family life. Let every word that we say daily to others be the words of love. When we speak words of love to our spouse and children, we sow love into their lives. The life which is full with love will make our family be filled with joy. 

Prayer: Lord, teach us to always sow words of love in our family. Let our words bring forth Your love in our family. Amen.


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You and Me, Forever

Marriage is an “art” of practicing love every second. In order to live it, a lifetime of learning is required. Let us allow the word of God to teach and shape us daily so that we can build a family and marriage with a he...

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