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How Great Is Our GodSample

How Great Is Our God

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When you see the Rainbow Mountains of China, you just might think you’re dreaming. But don’t pinch yourself! These colorfully striped mountains are completely real.

They were formed when different layers of sandstone and minerals were pressed together under the ground— and then pushed above ground when the tectonic (tek- TON- ik) plates under the Earth’s surface shifted. The rainbow colors were created when the different minerals inside the sandstone touched the air and oxidized (AWK- si- dized), or rusted— just like how your bike will rust if you leave it outside too long. Different minerals “rusted” to different colors, giving us the Rainbow Mountains! 

Those rainbow- colored mountains might remind you of another rainbow: the one God first gave to Noah. Do you know the story? People had grown so wicked that no one even thought about goodness or God anymore. Except Noah. Noah truly loved God. So when God sent a flood to destroy the sinful living creatures who filled the Earth, He saved Noah and his family. After the waters dried up, God promised never to flood the whole Earth again. And He gave Noah a sign of His promise: the rainbow. Now, whenever you see a rainbow— in the sky or in a mountain— you can remember not just God’s promise to Noah but all His promises. Because they’re your promises too. And God will keep every single one of them. That’s how great our God is!

How Great

A moonbow is like a rainbow, except that it is created by the Moon’s light rather than the Sun’s light. Moonbows are very rare. When they do appear, it’s often near a waterfall. Moonbows can be seen at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky and Victoria Falls in Africa when the Moon is full.


Dear God, the colors of this world are amazing to see. But even more amazing are all Your promises to me— and I know You will keep every single one

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How Great Is Our God

Based on Louie Giglio’s kid’s devotional How Great Is Our God: 100 Indescribable Devotions About God and Science, this reading plan will help kids discover the awe-inspiring connection between the natural world and the G...


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