7 Secrets To An Awesome Marriage

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Marriage or Not

There was a time when almost everyone got married. Culturally it was the "thing" to do. But for many, that was yesterday. Today a lot of people choose to not marry. The reasons are many. For some it's that whole commitment thing. For others they may have seen one too many bad marriages and are reluctant to take the risk. Besides, they believe that living together is easier.

If you are married, do you have any regrets? Is your marriage different than you thought it would be? Do you ever envy those who choose not to marry? As I see all these things play out in people's lives, I have an observation I want to throw out for you to consider. Maybe, just maybe, the problem with marriage is not marriage. Maybe it is us!

Consider this. God created everything and He said it was all good - except for one thing. He did not like it that man was alone. But being the good God that He is, He fixed the problem. God created woman and marriage in one fell swoop. Marriage was His idea. Let that soak in. With all the negatives our world throws onto marriage, the Creator of everything says marriage is good.

So for these nine days we are going to focus on marriage God's way. As we look at these 7 Secrets, you will learn the steps necessary to have your own Awesome Marriage.

Prayer: Ask God to help you clear your heart and mind of the world's view of marriage and to help you embrace His perfect plan for your marriage.


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