The Art Of Neighboring: Week One

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading


When God called Moses and the Israelites to follow him, they didn’t know as much about him as we know. God brought Moses away to a mountain to allow Moses to glimpse who God is.


Heavenly Father, you revealed yourself to your people out of love for us. Thank you for your Word that lets me see more of you.


God makes a profound statement of his name and about his character. Ever since, God’s people have clung to this statement as assurance that God is ready to act in love towards them.

Exodus 34:1-9


The Israelites were very familiar with the idea of gods. They lived in pantheistic cultures where gods were capricious and cruel. In contrast, God declared to the Israelites that he was a God of love and justice. Finally, at just the right time, God revealed himself even more fully through Jesus Christ.


What words does God use to describe his character? How does Jesus Christ’s person and work affect our understanding of who God is?