Encouragement For The Brokenhearted

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


Each time, I told myself that I would not allow my heart to be broken again.

And then…it was broken…again and again and again.

That’s the problem with heartbreak—it  can happen often, and in every area of our personal lives, our work lives, and yes, even in our church lives.

It’s happened that way with me, at least. The moment my grandmother’s heart failed and she died unexpectedly; my heart was broken. The pain felt when my best friend decided we weren’t friends anymore; my heart was broken. My first marriage to an unfaithful husband that ended in divorce; my heart was broken. The miscarriage of our first child after I remarried; my heart was broken. The people who seemed to “love” our church would “leave” our church without explanation; my heart was broken. Terminal illnesses of people in our church family whom we adored; my heart was broken.

I wondered, would always experience these heartbreaking moments? Was there a way to be protected from feeling that gut-wrenching pain imbedded deep within my hurting heart? Especially while being a woman in ministry who was supposed to lead others THROUGH their own heartache?

The answer hit me like a ton of bricks. I found it in the Bible in the lives of Jesus and Paul and Sarah and David and the woman at the well and so many more in Scripture. These historic people in the Bible, just like you and me, ALL experienced heartbreak. Over and over again.

Maybe you’ve found yourself in a similar situation. Maybe you’ve experienced hurt and pain. Maybe you’ve asked yourself these same questions. 

Over the next few days you will read stories from real women being real, no masks, no fear, no phony. Women just like you who have walked through seasons of life you might be able to relate to. You’ll hear stories of loss, heartbreak, rejection, devastation and hurt. But on the other side of each painful experience you will find a faithful God who brought restoration, healing and hope.

Our prayer is that as you take this journey with us, you’ll find encouragement for your broken heart, inspiration for your hopeless situation, and healing for your hurting soul. 

By Linda Seidler