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During Daniel’s time in the school of Babylon, he was asked to eat and drink the king’s food. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in Daniel’s day, to share a meal was to commit to a friendship with the one with whom you ate; to eat from the king’s table was to pledge loyalty to the king. 

Daniel was miles away from home. If he did eat the food, no one would ever find out about it! So why did Daniel reject the food? He knew the impact that one seemingly small, insignificant compromise in his convictions could have on his relationship with God and he was not willing to take that risk. He knew that small compromises, or sin, slowly but surely numb our hearts towards God and that smaller compromises can lead to bigger compromises. 

Maybe you’ve found yourself numb towards God or apathetic. Maybe you’re in a place where, if you’re honest with yourself, you just don’t really care anymore. 

A good starting point to figure out if you’ve began to grown apathetic is to look at your life. Does your life look more like the lives of everyone else around you than the life of Jesus? Where have you made some compromises?