Increasing Your Faith

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Have Faith

What is faith? Faith is belief in God. That's the simplest way to express it. It means taking God at His Word and trusting in God's character. It's knowing His character and believing who He has revealed Himself to be. Your faith will increase when you have a right view of God and a proper view of the world in which you live, which is not a world of accidents but a world over which God is sovereign. 

We tend to feel weak in our faith when we deal with things that make us feel afraid or threatened. We are most doubtful when we find ourselves overwhelmed with life. Nevertheless, if you believe God and trust who He says He is and understand that He is in control, you do have faith. 

In the book of John, there's a story of a man who was a royal official. This man went to Jesus and begged Him to heal his son who was dying. Jesus tells him, "Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will never believe." What Jesus was referring to was the fact that many of us struggle to have faith because we are waiting for a sign or feeling to appear. We are waiting for something miraculous to happen. True faith cannot be extinguished. You don't go to Jesus because He is your preference, you go to Him because He is your life. Faith is believing and pursuing Christ no matter what. The royal official responded by humbly asking Jesus to go to His son and heal him, and Jesus replied, "Go, your son will live." The man went home to find that his son indeed was made well. 

Do not be a wonder-seeker who is waiting for a feeling or sign. Take Jesus at His Word. The promise He gives is meant for whoever will hear and believe it. If you believe, declare Him as your Savior and be saved according to His Word, just like the royal official in the story who believed, obeyed Jesus, and went home to his son. The Bible says that after this man saw that his son was indeed healed, not only did he believe, but also his whole family put their faith in Jesus. Will you trust and believe in who God says He is?

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