Always In Control


The greatest truth you can ever know about God (next to hearing and receiving the message of salvation) is His sovereignty. Because when you know that God is in control—even of those things that appear to be out of control—you are able to move through life benefiting from the blessings of assurance, peace and self-control. When you truly understand that He is in your corner as your greatest defender and vindicator, you will no longer seek to rescue yourself. It is only in drawing close to Him in such a way that you can hear Him and, as a result, follow Him that you will experience His deliverance in every area of your life.

Far too often, when we face a trial or adverse situation in life, we try to figure it out, fix it, logically argue our way through it and more. Yet there is no logic or reason to having the Egyptians chase the Israelites into the separated waters of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:27-28). That is not a solution Moses could have contrived on his own. That is not a strategy any military general would have put into play.

Similarly, when you or I rely too much on our own reasoning, we leave ourselves vulnerable to what that reasoning will produce, rather than setting ourselves up for God’s intervention instead.

God is in control.

And in case you read over that line too quickly, let me write it one more time: God is in control. It doesn’t matter how things appear to you right now. It doesn’t matter what authority you feel your boss has over you right now. It doesn’t matter what that addiction is telling you to do, or that mate, or that mess you have found yourself in. None of those people or situations are in ultimate control.

Yes, they may look like they are. After all, Pharaoh had every appearance of control over the Israelites. Even as his army chased them across the wilderness and backed them up against an enormous body of water, no one knew how they would go around. But what you see is never all there is to be seen. Sovereignty shapes water differently and sets souls free. Providence paves a way where there seems to be no way at all. Sovereignty roars its authority so loudly that even your greatest threats must cower beneath the blast of its breath.

If you enjoy reading about God's sovereignty and control, download a full-length Sermon by Dr. Tony Evans as our gift to you. Simply click here. We want to thank B&H Publishers for these excerpts from Tony Evans' book "Pathways: From Providence to Purpose," published in 2019.