The Story of Easter

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Paul wrote in Philippians 3 that he wanted "to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death." Although it seems impossible to want to experience this horrific scene, the miracle this story offers is that we can truly know Christ. When we look at the peace, joy, serenity, and grace shining through all the violence, you can see the beauty of becoming like Him in His death. How simple His life had been trusting wholly on God. He had no earthly care but a mother who He entrusted to His best friend. His only asset was a robe that fell to a gambling guard. That simplicity. That clarity of focus. That devotion to God's purpose. That complete trust in His Father. That is something to long for.

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How would you spend the last week of your life knowing that it was your last? The last week Jesus was on earth in human form was filled with memorable moments, fulfilled prophecies, intimate prayer, deep discussion, symbolic acts, and world-changing events. Designed to start the Monday before Easter, each day of this Life.Church Bible Plan walks you through the unfolding story of Holy week.


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