Reality Is An Acquired Taste

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Under The Circumstances

It’s a phrase we use often. "I’m doing well…under the circumstances". The implication being that whatever is happening in our lives is lowering the ceiling. That there is an oppressive maximum closing down on us. And we are holding up in the shadow of the circumstances around us.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It is because we chose it.

The power of perspective allows us to live over the circumstances. It does not mean the circumstances are not acknowledged and weighed. It just means that they are not the gravity that holds us down.

The things that happen to us are messy and sometimes tragic. But there is a force inside of us more powerful than experience, more definitive than our situations. The Gospel of the Holy Spirit provides us insight into the identity God has bestowed on us and invites us to see Him more clearly.

With the Holy Spirit as our helper, choosing to have a true perspective allows us to view the world from above the circumstances. It allows us to put our happenings in context. It releases the shackles on our ability and our choices.

Circumstances can be oppressing. They can be stifling. But we are more than what happens to us. Our mass is greater than that of our circumstance. Our ability to choose is supernaturally empowered by God in us, the Holy Spirit. God can now display His glory through our living faithfully through difficult circumstances. Instead of being a victim, we become a redeeming force. 

Circumstances are still real. They still have impact. But now they are simply terrain in which we operate, as purchased possessions of God. 

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