The Song of Moses & The Lamb - Prophetic Gallery Series

The Song of Moses & The Lamb - Prophetic Gallery Series

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The Three Angels  

Thoughts on the Passage

There are seven angels mentioned in the next verses in this section. Again the number seven – here God is giving us some of the responsibilities of the angels as part of the end-time. To us this seems a bit fantastic, but to the Jewish person reading this letter, the use of angels represents something well understood. 

Angels provide so much to mankind, and the Jewish people understood this very well. So in these three angels, we see how God interacts with mankind. 

1st angel – releasing the gospel – “good news”. Just like the angels did to the shepherds.

2nd angel – declaring God’s pronounced judgment – declaring God’s judgment on Herod.

3rd angel – warning about following evil – an angel warns the king about his pride

In every case, we see God uses angels to release His will and plans. This is important for us today as well. We underestimate the important things that angels do for us. God uses them and we are blessed because of this. Many times we are comforted in difficult times – and it is by angels; we are strengthened – and it is by angels; we are given insight and understanding – God sent angels to help us; and we are given warnings in dreams – God sent an angel to warn us. 

Thank God today for His angels that He uses to help us. We may never see them, but understand that they are helping us daily.


Father, today I see again how You use angels to be a blessing to us. We are physical people and struggle with understanding the spiritual realm. If I could see around me – in the spiritual realm – it would likely both terrify me and strengthen my heart. I want to be strengthened today even though I cannot see. I want to be encouraged that You have sent angels to needy family and friends to encourage them, protect them and bless them. I ask that You send angels to protect needy children – mine and those of my friends and neighbours. I ask that today You send Your angels to give great wisdom in times of strategic decision making. Send them – and may we give You thanks for these helpers. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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The Song of Moses & The Lamb - Prophetic Gallery Series

The world’s depiction of angels is nothing compared to what they REALLY are. In Plan 9 of Revelation, we see the amazing work that angels are tasked with by God and we come to understand that they are magnificent beings ...

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