Victory Through Suffering - Prophetic Gallery Series

Victory Through Suffering - Prophetic Gallery Series

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The connection of the Church and the Israel of God  

Thoughts on the Passage

We see a wonderful connection here – the woman (representing the Israel of God) and the church (the offspring or children of this woman). This is an important connection. In the book of Revelation, many people try and separate the response of God to the Jewish believers and the Church. Jesus intentionally connects us together again and again. Jesus separated the Jewish people into those who would be part of His kingdom and those who would not – based on their faith. This portion of Revelation is addressed to those Jewish people who follow Jesus. 

Jesus also ties their suffering together with the Church. He ties the promise of victory over satan to both the Jewish people and the Church. He ties our need for perseverance for both. He gives the same power and authority to both. He gives the same promise of a great banquet in heaven where both come and join together to celebrate. Some people go out of their way to separate the Jewish believers and the Church – Jesus goes out of His way to unite them.

Why is this important?

God had some special promises He made to the Jewish people. In this section we will see how God keeps those promises. He is able to keep special promises without compromising the unity of these people and the Church. That is important to remember. Also, when the Church faces many of these same challenges – we have God’s promises of victory. He gave the promises of victory to His people Israel – and they are ours as well.


Father, You are no respecter of persons. Your promises will never fail even when they are delayed. Also, the promises You gave to Your people Israel have some special personal commitments – You will keep them for Your special people. However, we all have access to the promises of Abraham – they belong to those Jewish people who love You and they belong to the Church. As we read this section, give us the boldness we need to claim victory when we face the challenges the come to us. Satan turns his anger and wrath to the children of the woman – we have the victory just like she does. Help us to hold tight to Your promises. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Victory Through Suffering - Prophetic Gallery Series

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