Turn It Around

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Cast Your Net on the Right Side of the Boat

I invite you to shift your perceptions in the rapidly changing world in which we live; a world that continually demands more from us in every area of our lives. At times it seems as though the treadmill of life is out of our control and we are the unwilling participants on a fitness device that is going faster than we can walk or run.

It feels like our best attempts at finding balance, keeping in rhythm, staying fit and healthy, protecting and nurturing our relationships and growing in our relationship with God are in vain in the dizzying circle of life. But we can turn it around.

Take a moment to look up from what is consuming your attention. Remember, what has your attention has you! We need to shift our focus and set our eyes on the solution, instead of getting stuck and fixated on the problem. In order to hear the Lord, you have to silence the noise in your head and the voices around you. 

Sometimes what we see as a setback sets the stage for a great miracle. Beware that complacency doesn’t short circuit your faith—don’t let the mindset of just enough cast your miracle away from you. 

Turn it around. It’s time for your catch!

1. Where are you toiling and laboring in the hope of hauling in your catch?

2. How does laboring in this part of the field or ocean every day make you feel?

3. How can you change your approach to work to give you a different catch?

4. What would your ideal catch look like?

5. How can you worship God in your work?

6. What is your most extravagant expectation?

7. Write it down. Date it. Pray for it. Believe for it. See it. Enlarge it. Receive it.