4 Prayers Every Wife Should Pray

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Prayer #1: 

Appeal to God to draw your husband into a closer relationship with Christ.

Ultimately, when your husband starts drawing closer to Christ on a regular basis, the Spirit of God will empower him in every area of his life to his benefit and to your delight. Unless your husband is highly unusual, he probably doesn’t cater to your “pushing” him to be more spiritual. But when the Spirit of God “pulls” him to Himself, your husband may shock you and head in that direction with a willing heart. 

Appeal to the Spirit of God to increase His “pulling” and “drawing” of your husband to Himself. Tell Him you trust Him with your husband and claim the promise that Christ will  “complete” what He starts (Philippians 1:6). Ask God to surprise your husband by unexpectedly pouring His love right into his heart more and more . 

Ask God to forgive your husband of his many past and present sins and choose to overwhelm him with His mercy and compassion. Ask the Godhead to communicate to your husband through any method He would like—to make Himself known directly to your husband. 

If you find yourself complaining and pushing your husband toward God, stop immediately and bite your tongue. You are pushing your husband away. Don’t appeal to him to pursue God unless he brings his desires up to you. Appeal to the heavenly Father directly on his behalf instead and watch God work! You will be amazed. When you truly surrender to God, He works on your behalf.

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