Am I Really Desired By God?

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To be lovestruck means to be passionately consumed with someone or something, impacting your life. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions are locked on the object of your love. You can feel this not only for a romantic partner, but also for your children, your pets, and even sometimes a pastor, politician, athlete, or entertainer. 

Sometimes, the feeling of being in love is intensified when that love is not returned. Think about the political hangover and heartache many people feel after a major election when it becomes very difficult for them to understand why other people aren’t in love with their candidates, or their particular visions of America. 

One of my favorite poems about that feeling is “I Wrote a Good Omelet,” by Nikki Giovanni. It talks about falling in love and feeling upside down and topsy-turvy, with the poet describing how she can’t even tell the difference between a poem and an omelet anymore. Have you ever felt that way? Your mind and heart are with someone else, your emotions and thoughts invested in a relationship where your feelings may or may not be completely reciprocated. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or married; if you have been around for any period of time, and in any sort of relationship, you know what it feels like to be unabashedly in love. It can be beautiful, wonderful, and earth-shaking, but it can also be difficult and uncomfortable if the two of you are not in the exact same emotional place. It can be heart-wrenching if you are the one who is more deeply and emotionally invested. You’re yearning for the love of another and it can hurt. 

Yet, this is how God made us. God Himself desires to love and be loved. We’re created in His image. It’s in our DNA to desire to love and be loved. We have the same yearnings for connection with another being that He has, and the same potential for love that He does. 

Unlike the sometimes complicated love affairs of men and women, God never loses control of Himself while pursuing His beloved, but He will go to the utmost lengths, even the cross, for those He loves. There is no other love story quite like this one.