Grief Survivor

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"You’re The Boss"

You’re the only one who can determine how this season of grief will look. There’s no formula for the right way to grieve. As you begin the Grief Survivor journey, you may want to get a blank journal to write what comes to mind.

As you take your first steps toward healing, remember:

● When you feel like crying, cry.
● You may feel more relief than sadness right now. That’s OK, too.
● If reminiscing and sharing stories about your loved one makes you laugh, by all means do it.
● Steer clear of people and events that leave you anxious and exhausted. Choosing your activities and company wisely can prevent unnecessary stress.
● It’s OK to say yes to the best, and no to the rest.
● There’s no need to apologize. You are the boss of your schedule.

John 11:35 paints the picture of Jesus and his reaction after the death of his dear friend, Lazarus. Jesus was not above crushing human emotion. Jesus wept. So can we.