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Christ's Greater Covenant - Jesus Is Greater Series #5Sample

Christ's Greater Covenant - Jesus Is Greater Series #5

DAY 1 OF 6

Better Tabernacle - Better Promises  

Thoughts on the Word

On this earth, the tabernacle has enough priests to do the work! There are lots of priests available and they do all the work that is needed. However, there is a problem; they are doing the work in a tabernacle that is only a picture of the real one in heaven. This is like little children building a paper airplane and acting like it is a real plane. It is just a picture of the real thing. Therefore, the work and the ministry of the human priests have very limited value and meaning. 

Jesus could not possibly work effectively as a priest in this shadow tabernacle! Jesus is the priest in the heavenly tabernacle. His ministry, His offerings, and His intercession is made in the heavenly tabernacle. That is where the real ministry is happening. In this heavenly tabernacle, effective ministry happens, effective sacrifices are offered, and powerful promises of God get answered—He forgives us completely.

This heavenly tabernacle is accompanied by other equally powerful items. There is a greater priest—Jesus. There are greater promises—one sacrifice covers all our sins. Forgiveness is eternal and God changes our hearts not only releasing forgiveness. These promises are available to us today. These promises release blessing unavailable to the Israelite people, but they are available to all of us. Take hold of these greater promises.


Father, when we look at the old tabernacle, it was a beautiful place and it released powerful blessings. Still, that building only looked like the real tabernacle in heaven. The heavenly one gives much greater blessing because it is the real thing. Help me today to not let the picture of temporary things take the place of the real. This can be accepting human joy instead of receiving the joy of the Spirit. It can be trusting for blessings in this world to meet my heart’s desire rather than longing for heavenly blessings. There are so many ways to settle for the temporary—the picture of reality, rather than original. This is found in Jesus. This is found in the Holy Spirit. This cannot be found anywhere else. So give me a heart to seek there. In Jesus' name, Amen.


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