Debt: A Biblical Exploration

Day 2 of 5

When we go into debt we are subject to the decision of those who we borrowed from. Whether be financial institutions or people who lent the money, we quickly find ourselves losing things we hold dearly due to our inability to manage our finances. Not only do we become slaves to our debt, but we find our selves also in a servitude to the wills and desires of our creditors. God teaches us to that he has blessed us and has given us everything we could possibly need to live a debt free life.

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In our instant-gratification society, many of us have fallen to the temptation of buy-now-pay-later—creating mountains of financial debt. But that’s just the way things are, right? What does Scripture have to say about it? Through this plan’s brief daily devotional and easy-to-digest Scripture verses, you’ll discover God’s heart in regard to debt.


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