The Way Back - Get Your Christian Life Back On Track


Losing Our Way

Think back to your days in geometry class - did you ever have a teacher who diagrammed what a difference a degree makes the farther you get from the origination point? Here’s an example: if you were traveling toward a specific destination and were off by a single degree—after one foot you’d be off course by only .2 inches. Hardly even noticeable to the naked eye, right?

     But what happens when you travel a longer distance?

     After a mile, you’d find yourself off target by 92 feet. Traveling from your town by circumnavigating around the globe, you’d miss coming back to your current location by more than 435 miles. Oops. And if you were traveling from the earth to the sun in a straight line, you’d be off by 1.6 million miles!

     It doesn’t take much to lose our way.

     If you’ve clicked on this devotional, perhaps it’s because your life feels adrift; turned topsy-turvy in the churning, competing undercurrents of what the Bible says vs. my wants -money, church, work, faith, sex, prayer, power, selflessness, selfishness. A swirling mess.

     In all that noise, how do we get back on course with God?

     Before to we begin, know this: you’re not alone. 

     The men and women of the Bible were also a hopeless cacophony of mixed motivations. Lots of the time, they were deep in the weeds doing their own thing. So if that’s you, you’re in good company. But remember - those same men and women also got things back on track, and developed such a rock-hard faith that they would stay strong in the face of persecution, would single-handedly fight giants, could fearlessly face down armies and perform impossible miracles. 

     This is where we are meant to be living every minute of every day. 

     If you’re feeling a long, long way from that kind of actualized, trusting faith, let’s find the way back.

PRAYER: Lord, here I am. I’m tired of wandering and I want to come home. For too long, I settled for a bubblegum faith that quickly loses flavor. I want a faith that is built to last for eternity. I open my hands and my heart to You now and ask You to lead me back to the path. Amen.