1For the leader. On the gittit. A psalm of the sons of Korach:
2How deeply loved are your dwelling-places,
3My soul yearns, yes, faints with longing
for the courtyards of Adonai;
my heart and body cry for joy
to the living God.
4As the sparrow finds herself a home
and the swallow her nest, where she lays her young,
[so my resting-place is] by your altars,
Adonai-Tzva’ot, my king and my God.
5How happy are those who live in your house;
they never cease to praise you! (Selah)
6How happy the man whose strength is in you,
in whose heart are [pilgrim] highways.
7Passing through the [dry] Baka Valley,
they make it a place of springs,
and the early rain clothes it with blessings.
8They go from strength to strength
and appear before God in Tziyon.
9Adonai, God of armies, hear my prayer;
listen, God of Ya‘akov. (Selah)
10God, see our shield [the king];
look at the face of your anointed.
11Better a day in your courtyards
than a thousand [days elsewhere].
Better just standing at the door of my God’s house
than living in the tents of the wicked.
12For Adonai, God, is a sun and a shield;
Adonai bestows favor and honor;
he will not withhold anything good
from those whose lives are pure.
how happy is anyone who trusts in you!