1A psalm of Asaf:
God, the pagans have entered your heritage.
They have defiled your holy temple
and turned Yerushalayim into rubble.
2They have given the corpses of your servants
as food for the birds in the air,
yes, the flesh of those faithful to you
for the wild animals of the earth.
3All around Yerushalayim
they have shed their blood like water,
and no one is left to bury them.
4We suffer the taunts of our neighbors,
we are mocked and scorned by those around us.
5How long, Adonai?
Will you be angry forever?
How long will your jealousy burn like fire?
6Pour out your wrath on the nations that don’t know you,
on the kingdoms that don’t call out your name;
7for they have devoured Ya‘akov
and left his home a waste.
8Don’t count past iniquities against us,
but let your compassion come quickly to meet us,
for we have been brought very low.
9Help us, God of our salvation,
for the sake of the glory of your name.
Deliver us, forgive our sins,
for your name’s sake.
10Why should the nations ask,
“Where is their God?”
Let the vengeance taken on your servants’ shed blood
be known among the nations before our eyes.
11Let the groaning of the captives come before you;
by your great strength save those condemned to death.
12Repay our neighbors sevenfold where they can feel it
for the insults they inflicted on you, Adonai.
13Then we, your people and the flock in your pasture,
will give you thanks forever.
From generation to generation
we will proclaim your praise.