1For the leader. A psalm of the descendants of Korach:
2Hear this, all you peoples!
Listen, everyone living on earth,
3regardless of whether low or high,
regardless of whether rich or poor!
4My mouth is about to speak wisdom;
my heart’s deepest thoughts will give understanding.
5I will listen with care to [God’s] parable,
I will set my enigma to the music of the lyre.
6Why should I fear when the days bring trouble,
when the evil of my pursuers surrounds me,
7the evil of those who rely on their wealth
and boast how rich they are?
8No one can ever redeem his brother
or give God a ransom for him ,
9because the price for him is too high
(leave the idea completely alone!)
10to have him live on eternally
and never see the pit.
11For he can see that wise men will die,
likewise the fool and the brute will perish
and leave their wealth to others.
12They think their homes will last forever,
their dwellings through all generations;
they give their own names to their estates.
13But people, even rich ones, will live only briefly;
then, like animals, they will die.
14This is the manner of life of the foolish
and those who come after, approving their words. (Selah)
15Like sheep, they are destined for Sh’ol;
death will be their shepherd.
The upright will rule them in the morning;
and their forms will waste away in Sh’ol,
until they need no dwelling.
16But God will redeem me from Sh’ol’s control,
because he will receive me. (Selah)
17Don’t be afraid when someone gets rich,
when the wealth of his family grows.
18For when he dies, he won’t take it with him;
his wealth will not go down after him.
19True, while he lived, he thought himself happy —
people praise you when you do well for yourself —
20but he will join his ancestors’ generations
and never again see light.
21People, even rich ones, can fail to grasp
that, like animals, they will die.