Meeting God On Holy Ground

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In Exodus 3:4-6, Moses found himself in front of a burning bush from which God was speaking. This wasn’t a normal situation! God told Moses to take off his shoes, because the place he was standing was “holy ground.” It was a place for an encounter with the Living God. So, Moses slipped off his shoes in obedience to God’s command. 

Removing his shoes demonstrated Moses’ humility in God’s presence. Please notice what God used in order to speak to Moses. He used an ordinary object. The bush was already there. It was simply an ordinary bush that had been invaded by God’s supernatural presence. But it resulted in an extraordinary encounter. 

I don’t know how God is going to meet you, but I do know that any old bush will do. He’s prepared to meet you if you seek His face. Are you prepared to meet Him at your own burning bush?

What burning bushes has God used to speak to you?