Meeting God On Holy Ground

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God, who spoke through the burning bush, can use even the most ordinary thing and set fire to it as a greater manifestation of His power and glory. He wants to meet you where you are. But, let me remind you, if this is going to happen to you, you cannot be an asbestos Christian.

People put on asbestos suits when they work in close proximity to flames so that they won’t catch fire. Some of us as believers will never burn with the brilliance of the Holy Spirit’s power made manifest in and through us because we wear evangelical asbestos suits. We really don’t want to get close to the fire of God’s presence. So, to protect ourselves from that which we cannot explain or rationalize, we put on our intellectual or emotional asbestos attire and we come to church, leaving on our asbestos shoes. All the while we wonder why we don’t catch fire for the Lord. 

God’s miraculous manifestations are for those who have the faith it requires to enter into His presence and the humility to surrender to His instructions. As Amos 4:12 says, “Prepare to meet your God…” We prepare through humble obedience.

Are you ready to enter God’s presence, or are you keeping a “safe” distance from Him?