Help and Hope When You’re Facing Anxiety by Helen Thorne

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God Protects

It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in humans.

We all have places we run on anxious days. Some of us run to the people around us in the hope they can make it better. Some of us withdraw into ourselves, hoping that if we hide for long enough the stresses and strains may pass. “If we are honest, some of us have tried things we know aren’t wise – even things that actually tend to make our anxiety worse in the end”: a drink, some gambling, a frantic drive to control the things around us, a quick look at porn (p17 of Hope in an Anxious World). 

Where is the best place to run? 

The Psalmist was living a life where he was under physical threat. Attacks were more normal than rare. He was aware that human things like armies and authorities are useful in a time of war – he didn’t try to get through life without using provision like that - but, more than anything, he knew his peace and security came from God. 

That refuge imagery is wonderful! The picture isn’t of a world where the hard things go away but it is a world where God himself becomes the place we can run day or night; the place we can go even when feeling deeply messy – the place where we can be spiritually safe as the difficulties rage on around. 

He doesn’t wrap us in bubble wrap – or transport us to paradise (not yet!) – but he also doesn’t let Satan do whatever he wants to us, he doesn’t allow our circumstances to become so awful that our faith has to falter and fail. He’s protecting us - in more ways than we could begin to imagine. 

What difference does it make to know that God is protecting you right now? Are there any places you need to stop running when fear and anxiety strike? It’s good to ask our friends and family for help, but what would it look like for you to have God as your ultimate source of security in this difficult world?


Father God, thank you that you are my refuge. Thank you that I am welcome in your loving arms day and night. Please help me to turn away from any unhelpful coping mechanisms and turn to you quickly for all the protection I need. Amen