Help and Hope When You’re Facing Anxiety by Helen Thorne

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God Helps

The LORD is with me; he is my helper. 

There’s something deeply uncomfortable about admitting we need help. Often, it’s ingrained in us that we should be able to cope. We kid ourselves that maturing means becoming more independent. But the reality is, God’s call on our lives is to rely on him more and more. Increasing faith means increasing dependence, acknowledging our weakness at every turn, and knowing beyond any shadow of doubt that’s OK. 

God is the only one who truly knows our need, truly understands our need and is truly able to provide for our need. So, it makes sense to come to him. When we’re feeling alone, he is present – when we are confused, his Spirit guides – when we are sad, he is the best source of comfort – when we are exhausted, he is the ultimate source of strength. Of course, friends and family can help too but he is the one who has promised to provide. “Each day he gives those who follow him exactly what they need to be able to live the day that he has set before them” (p75 of Hope in an Anxious World). 

The Psalmist knew that. Even when facing human attack, he knew he could keep going because God was helping him. Given what he was facing, it would no doubt be easy to be overwhelmed but God’s activity made a difference. No enemy or life-threatening situation is too strong or too complex for the Lord. He was actually able to stand confidently in the face of threat because God was at work. 

God does not love you less. God is not standing by inertly watching your life. He is active in it, he is helping and that help is enough to enable us all to persevere. 

Why not spend a few moments reflecting on how God is helping you right now? Actively look for signs of his kindness in your life. And thank him for his provision and support today. 


Father God, thank you for your care of me. Thank you that, even today, you are active in my life bringing about things that are good and godly. Thank you that you are never going to stop. Amen