The Legacy Journey

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The Legacy Journey

Years ago, I lost everything. By 26, I owned $4 million in real estate, but I had built my empire on debt and bad decisions. So, when banks started calling our loans, everything crumbled. By 30, I went bankrupt.

I met God on the way up. But I really got to know Him on the way down! And as I got to know Him better, I started seeing some basic money principles from the Bible. I learned about staying out of debt, living on a budget, living on less than I made, and saving and investing. It jolted me. I could almost hear Him saying, “Wake up! You’ve been going the wrong way!”

Along with waking up, I also realized that I needed to grow up. I had to develop a mature view of wealth, a biblical view that acknowledges God’s ownership and my responsibility to manage His resources for His glory.

That was also Solomon’s perspective in Ecclesiastes 5:19. Wealth is a gift from God, but He gives it for a purpose. He expects us to use what He provides to build His kingdom and to establish a legacy that will bring Him glory for years to come.

For the next 30 days, you’ll be digging deeper into what it means to build that kind of legacy. You’ll learn what the Bible says about wealth and how to make sure wealth doesn’t take control of you and your family. You’ll learn to enjoy God’s gift while using it to make a difference in your neighborhood and around the world.

You need to understand it’s a journey. Building a godly legacy takes time and effort. It requires discipline and commitment. It’s a challenging trip.

But it’s definitely a trip worth taking.

Do you want to dive deeper into what the Bible says about money and wealth? The Legacy Journey is an all-new, biblically based class that provides a framework for living intentionally now so that you can leave a legacy that will secure your family’s future and make a lasting impact on the world. Visit to learn more.

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The Legacy Journey

Dave Ramsey is America’s trusted voice on money and business. Following his own bankruptcy at age 30, Dave set out to learn God’s ways of handling money. Dave now devotes himself to teaching others how to take control of...

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