Praten met God in gebed

Talking With God In Prayer

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PRAISING GOD IN PRAYER TALKING TO GOD Praise God for making you and everything you have, including food, a home and people who love you. DIVING IN Think about the things you're grateful for. Make a list of 10 of them. Tell someone why you're grateful for each, and praise God for all that He has given you. GOING DEEPER Through the use of short blessing prayers that relate to everyday life, people learn to praise God and express thanksgiving. The moment you open your eyes in the morning, you might pray, "Thank You, God, for my eyes. Thank You for sight." While getting dressed, you could pray, "Thank You, God, for meeting my needs — giving me clothes to wear, such as these," and at the first sight of the sun, you may declare, "God, You are so great! Thank You for your creation." Psalm 145:1-2 is a great example of how to praise God: "I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever." Praise God today and every day! TALKING TO EACH OTHER - How did writing down a list of things you're grateful for change your attitude? - If you praised God for everything He has given you, how long would it take? - How might praising God change you?

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Talking With God In Prayer

Family life can be busy, and we may not always take the time to pray—let alone remember to help our children develop the habit of including God in their day. In this plan, your family will see how much God wants to hear ...

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