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Love Like Jesus

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The Mission of God

God is on a mission. I am certain of this. God is just as alive, involved, and at work today as He was during the thousands of years Scripture records. In the beginning, He created everything in a balanced state of harmony, form, and beauty. However, the pinnacle of His creation rejected divine intimacy. Ever since, God has been wooing us back to Him. It is the ultimate love story. God dives into the frozen lake when we fall through. He runs into the flaming building when we are trapped inside. He melts the callous walls of our hearts when we isolate and fortify ourselves inside our own fear, hate, shame, or insecurities. But the best part is, He calls us to join Him on this mission of hope.

We were once God’s enemy, choosing any number of false gods. He loved us so much that He sent and gave up His one and only Son. For us. His enemy. This is the example being set for us. Our hope, and the mission we are called to join is to love our enemies. That is the most evangelistic thing we will ever do. It’s more than words and more than actions. It’s a lifestyle that participates in the mission of God. When the world sees a movement of people having enough self-control not to fight back, enough compassion to find solidarity, and enough humility to realize the power in weakness, then the world will come to know Christ in His true form—cruciform.

Joey Armstrong
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Love Like Jesus

How can we learn to live like Jesus if we don’t first love like Him? Read along with Life.Church staff and spouses as they retell the experiences and Scriptures that inspire them to fully live and Love Like Jesus.

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