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Tangale is a language spoken north of the River Benue River in Bauchi Province, in the Northern Region of Nigeria.

J. S. Hall

John Stevenson Hall was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1883. Rev Hall enrolled in the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois and graduated in 1908.

In the USA, he joined the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM), and along with some other missionaries C Gordon Beacham and George Sanderson, they joined SIM in Nigeria. They arrived at Kaltungo on 19th January 1917. He was very interested in linguistics and ethnographics and wrote a document called “Religion, Myth and Magic in Tangale”. He, his wife Victoria Maude and two daughters left in 1933. In 1944 he wrote “From Cannibalism to Christ: A Story of the Transforming Power of the Gospel in Darkest Africa”. He died in 1953

Bible Translation

J.S. Hall worked with the Tangale people, reduced the language to writing and created literature in the language, and a dictionary. He translated Scripture portions assisted by a native called Karga. These were published as tentative editions by the British and Foreign Bible Society.

In 1920, Tej Gospel of Luke was printed, called Cẹram Bwoṇ ma tam Luka. In 1922, Acts was printed, called Wotẹn Anawotẹn, and also in 1922, Ruth and Jonah were printed together as Ruth - Yona. In 1927 Matthew was printed, called Sẹram Kọṇ Mọ Tọm Mattayọ. In 1928 Romans was printed, called Takart Wot Pawolọ Anawotẹnom Balgọ Mi Mọ Romẹ. In 1929 the epistles from 1 Corinthians to Philippians were printed called I. Kọrintọ, II. Kọrintọ, Galatiya, Ẹpẹsọ and Pilippi. n 1932 these were combined and completed as the New Testament, called Tandọm Lara ma anaṇi-mu Yesu Kristi anamad-kimo.

They were mainly printed for the British and Foreign Bible Society, by the Niger Press, at Minna, in northern Nigeria.

Digital Edition

These portions were digitised with the help of MissionAssist in 2022. 

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