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Testament ke Siki 1960 (Kabba Laka)

Kabba Laka

The Laka language, also called the Kabba Laka language, and called Kabba et Laka in French, is spoken in the Logone region of south-west Chad, and some villages over the border in the Central African Republic (CAR).

Testament ke Siki 1960

In 1948 the Gospel of John (Jean) was published as Tar Ke Madji ke Jean da mè mbêti ti. In 1950 the of Gospel of Mark (Marc) was published as Tar Ke Madji ke Marc da mè mbèti tè. In 1960 the New Testament was published as Testament ke Siki lo Mbaibé ke Ndjè Kadjidjè Jésus Christ (Le Nouveau Testament en Kabba et Laka).

The New Testament was translated from Greek into Kabba-Laka by Mrs Minnie W. Kennedy, a missionary of the Brethren Mission, assisted by Pierre Ngondje and Paul Bobeta. The New Testment was printed in Roman script by the British and Foreign Bible Society (Société Biblique Britannique et Étrangère) in 1960. 

Digital Edition

The New Testament was digitised for the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) with the help of MissionAssist in 2018. It was labelled KL1960.

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