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Northwestern Ojibwa

Ojibwe Shorter Old Testament and New Testament

About Ojibwe

Ojibwe is one of the Algonquian languages of Canada, in the same family as Cree and Mi’kmaq. It is spoken in Ontario and Manitoba, as well as Minnesota, but the dialect in this translation is from northwestern Ontario. Depending on the community, age of the speaker, and other factors, Ojibwe is written using either a Roman script or a syllabic script.

About This Translation

This is 40% of the Old Testament with a complete New Testament. Sponsors of the translation included Christian and Missionary Alliance, Impact North, Summer Institute of Linguistics, and the Canadian Bible Society. The New Testament was published in 1988, and the Old Testament material was added in 2008. If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy of this Bible, please contact the Canadian Bible Society at http://www.biblescanada.com. The published copy is printed with syllabic script and Roman script on facing pages.

Copyright Information

Ojibwe New Testament © 2008 Canadian Bible Society

The text of the Bible in Ojibwe that appears in this electronic format or website is for personal use only.

Up to five hundred (500) verses of the Bible text in any form (written, visual, electronic or audio) may be quoted without permission. The quoted verses may not be more than 50% of a complete book of the Bible, or more than 25% of the total text of the work in which they are quoted. Prior written permission must be obtained for any other use of the text. Copyright acknowledgement must in all cases appear on the title or copyright page.

For more information on copyright conditions or to apply, visit http://www.biblesociety.ca/copyright.

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