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St Paul from the Trenches 1916

St Paul from the Trenches

Gerald Warre Cornish (GWC) was born in 1874 at Eton, the son Francis Warre Cornish, the Vice-Provost of Eton College. He worked as a lecturer in Ancient Greek at Manchester University. When the First World War started he joined the British Army and achieved the rank of Major in the 6th Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry. Gerald was killed in action on September 16, 1916, aged 41 at Flers. On his body was found a small mud-strained copybook containing his translation of St Paul's Epistles, which included the two epistles to the Corinthians and the unfinished first four chapters of Ephesians. Gerals Warre-Cornish is buried at Thiepval at the Somme in France. His work was first published in 1937 as “St Paul from the Trenches” and it was reprinted several times upto 1948. In the preface John Sidney Brathwaite wrote that “No-one after reading this will be disposed to doubt the amount of thought and care that went to this very original rendering of the three Epistles.”

Digital Edition

These Trench Epistles were digitised with the help of MissionAssist in 2014. This digitised version of St Paul from the Trenches was translated in 1916 and first published in 1937, and is maintained by the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS). 

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