Holy Emotions - Biblical Responses to Every ChallengeSýnishorn

Holy Emotions - Biblical Responses to Every Challenge

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It's an incredible truth: You were strategically placed here, at this time in history, by God for His plans and purposes. He needed someone just like you to love the unlovable - to bring joy to a dark, cold world - to reveal peace in confusing conversations and situations - and to be kind at times when our culture is desolately cruel. God, the Creator of the Universe, needed someone just like you to be constantly optimistic in the face of frustrating circumstances - to hope when there was no reason for hope - and to show patience to obstinate and ornery people. Because God needed you, He created you to reveal His heart. The problem is, as His very own children, we have acquired too many genetic characteristics of the world and have forsaken the lavishly bestowed attributes of God, our loving Father. The problem is, we would rather have it our way than His way. The problem is, we would rather emote a selfish perspective on a situation than to exhibit delightful and delicious fruit. We were created by God to reveal His heart during this singular moment in all of recorded time. We were created to do His good works but instead, we have decided to morph into an emotional counterfeit of who He intended for us to be. God created us because there was a lack of "Godness" on earth, and so He sent you and He sent me. God will only reveal Himself through us to the extent that we allow Him to fill every corner of our hearts and lives. The magnificent and heart-stopping truth is that you can have as much of God as you could possibly want! The question has never changed from the Garden of Eden until today, How much of Him do you want?

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Holy Emotions - Biblical Responses to Every Challenge

God made you for this moment in time… to love the unlovable, reflect peace in turmoil, and show defiant joy in every situation. You can do what seems impossible by learning what the Bible says about your human emotions a...


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