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Making Space

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Word and Prayer

When we read the Bible, we’re looking for God. When we pray, we’re listening to God. Bible study isn’t about discovering a user manual for life but about finding and understanding God Himself. Similarly, prayer isn’t a vending machine or consultation. When we engage with the Bible and prayer, we bring our lives to God to receive Him.

In Proverbs 2:1, God addresses us as “My son,” taking the posture of Father. God is our Father who speaks to us, cherishes our lives, and freely gives wisdom. God is knowledgeable, our treasure, and our shield. 

When we read the Bible and pray, we’re also looking to see and understand God’s work, God’s life, and God’s action in this world. Therefore, we ask God in prayer, “What have You done, and what are You doing?”

In this passage we see that God gives commands, speaks, gives understanding, protects us, gives bountiful wisdom, and watches over us. God makes Himself known and generously speaks into every area of life to bring wisdom and knowledge that are pleasant to our souls.

You’re a son or a daughter of God. In Christ you’re protected, guarded, upright, and a dwelling place for wisdom. You’re His child, not because you did your best but because God is the Father. You’re protected, not because you’ve guarded yourself but because God is your shield. Your identity is rooted in His identity.

Here are just a few implications of this passage. We’re called to receive God’s words, give attention, call out to Him, raise our voice to Him, seek Him like a treasure, understand Him, find knowledge, receive wisdom, and understand justice. Many of these implications reorient the motivation and the manner in which we come to God through Bible reading and prayer. 

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Making Space

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