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Mishlei (Pro) 22

1Rather than wealth, choose a good reputation,
esteem over silver and gold.
2Rich and poor have this in common —
Adonai made them both.
3The clever see trouble coming and hide;
the simple go on and pay the penalty.
4The reward for humility is fear of Adonai,
along with wealth, honor and life.
5Thorns and snares beset the way of the stubborn;
he who values his life keeps his distance from them.
6Train a child in the way he [should] go;
and, even when old, he will not swerve from it.
7The rich rule the poor,
and the borrower is slave to the lender.
8He who sows injustice reaps trouble,
and the rod of his angry outburst will fail.
9He who is generous is blessed,
because he shares his food with the poor.
10Throw the scoffer out, and quarreling goes too;
strife and insults cease.
11He who loves the pure-hearted and is gracious in speech
will have the king as his friend.
12The eyes of Adonai protect [the man with] knowledge,
but he overturns the plans of a traitor.
13A lazy man says, “There’s a lion outside!
I’ll be killed if I go out in the street!”
14The mouth of an adulteress is a deep pit;
the man with whom Adonai is angry falls into it.
15Doing wrong is firmly tied to the heart of a child,
but the rod of discipline will drive it far away from him.
16Both oppressing the poor to enrich oneself
and giving to the rich yield only loss.
17Pay attention, and listen to the words of the wise;
apply your heart to my knowledge;
18for it is pleasant to keep them deep within you;
have all of them ready on your lips.
19I want your trust to be in Adonai;
this is why I’m instructing you about them today.
20I have written you worthwhile things
full of good counsel and knowledge,
21so you will know that these sayings are certainly true
and bring back true sayings to him who sent you.
22Don’t exploit the helpless, because they are helpless,
and don’t crush the poor in court,
23for Adonai will plead their case for them
and withhold life from those who defraud them.
24Don’t associate with an angry man;
make no hot-tempered man your companion.
25If you do, you may learn his ways
and find yourself caught in a trap.
26Don’t be one of those who give pledges,
guaranteeing loans made to others;
27for if you don’t have the wherewithal to pay,
they will take your bed away from underneath you.
28Don’t move the ancient boundary stone
set up by your ancestors.
29Do you see a man skilled at his work?
He will serve kings, not obscure people.

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