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  • SwitchTV Presents: ReNew

    3 Days

    Scripture was originally designed to be a communal experience and that's the intention of this plan. "Re:New" uses Biblica's newest Bible translation called "The Books of the Bible"with the hope of offering a fresh and renewed experience with scripture. These videos offer observations on Colossians 1 by walking through 3 very basic questions.

  • Anger

    3 days 160x160

    Anger happens to the best of us! Your response to anger is based on trusting God and meditating on His Word. Consider the Reading Plan Trust alongside the topic Anger. The following verses; when memorized, can help you to respond properly to anger. Let your life be transformed by memorizing Scripture! For a comprehensive system for memorizing Scripture, visit

  • Set Apart

    3 Days 160x160

    God calls us to be holy and to live holy lives. But what does that even mean? In this three-day plan, we’ll look at what holiness really looks like for our lives.

  • Why Do I Need Jesus?

    4 Days 160x160

    This plan, for families to do together, introduces kids to the story of the Bible and helps them see their need for a Savior. God had a plan to send Jesus from the very beginning. Each day includes videos, short devotionals, and a daily Bible verse to memorize.

  • How To Be The Church

    4 Days 160x160

    What is the Church, really? And what does it mean to be the Church? In this Bible Plan, you’ll discover how you can actually be the Church that makes a difference in this world.

  • My Super Faith in Action

    4 Days 160x160

    This family plan for kids and parents shows kids that faith must go along with action! Includes videos and Bible verses to memorize and put into practice!

  • Jonah Challenge

    4 Days

    This is a 4 day challenge to read the 4 chapters in the book of Jonah, which focuses on our attitudes towards God, disobedience and God’s mercy. Bible challenges go beyond reading; as we share our understanding with each other, so as you read, hash tag #JonahChallenge via twitter to share your points. Bible Challenge MOTTO: The Bible is JUICY. The Bible is LIFE. The Bible is for YOU!

  • Making Wise Choices

    4 Days 160x160

    This four-day youth plan explores what scripture has to say about wisdom. Follow the unraveling of Nicole and her brother Tate who, on their first day home alone, make the bad decision to let the neighbor girl Kaylin come over and trash the house. Each day you'll read a passage of Scripture, watch the story, and witness firsthand how important it is to make wise decisions.

  • Identity

    4 Days 160x160

    This four-day youth reading plan explores what Scripture has to say about identity. Follow the story of three students who are given the chance to change who they are. However, in order to gain a new identity, they must first leave behind who they used to be. Each day you'll read a passage of Scripture, watch the story, and witness firsthand what it means to find your identity in God.

  • How To Pray

    4 Days 160x160

    This four-day reading plan for youth explores what Scripture has to say about prayer. Follow the story of Tyler as he learns what it means to talk to God. Each day you'll read a passage of Scripture, watch the story, and learn alongside Tyler as he asks big questions about what it means to speak to God through prayer.

  • Living a Better Story

    4 Days 160x160

    We all live out a story, but are all our stories worth telling? In this plan we’ll look at four ways to live a better story.

  • How To Become Someone Others Want To Be Around

    4 Days 160x160

    In this Bible Plan, you’ll discover how to create an identity that will change everything for you. Can you become everything you know you can be? Find out here.

  • Witness: Courage

    5 Days 160x160

    This five-day plan explores biblical stories reimagined in a post-apocalyptic world! Each day you'll learn about an aspect of courage, watch the story, and be challenged to live your own life more courageously.

  • Capacity: Student Leadership

    5 Days 160x160

    God has called you to great things. Not just when you get older, but right now. This plan will encourage you and show you what it looks like to step up and lead right where you're at in your life right now. God can and will use you in awesome ways. The question is—will you let Him?

  • Home Again: A Study Of The Prodigal Son

    6 Days 160x160

    This six-day plan uses daily Scripture, devotionals, and a short film to uncover how we can apply the story of the Prodigal Son to our own lives. This video portion presents the parable in a modern telling so readers can discover how Christ sees them, and then be compelled by this understanding to live a life devoted to Him.

  • Samson Challenge

    6 Days

    A 6 day challenge to read the chapters in the book of Judges concerning the account of Samson. This challenge focuses on our desires, pride, disobedience and discernment. Bible challenges go beyond reading, as we share our understanding with each other. So, as you complete the plan hashtag #SamsonChallenge to share your points. Bible Challenge MOTTO: The Bible is JUICY. The Bible is LIFE. The Bible is for YOU!

  • The Bible App For Kids

    6 Days

    The Bible App for Kids is a growing collection of Bible stories with touch-activated animations and learning activities, perfect for helping kids learn the big stories of the Bible. Here, you will find a selection of images and stories that is fun for parents and kids alike, and helping your kids to fall in love with God's Word along the way.

  • The First Christmas Gift (Bible App for Kids)

    6 Days 160x160

    This fun plan for kids teaches real-life lessons from the Christmas Bible App for Kids story. Each day's video teaches a memory verse or a key truth using music, movement, and other concrete ways to help abstract truths stick. Visit to get this free, interactive app for your kids.

  • Align: Living an Others-First Kind of Life

    6 Days

    Putting others first doesn’t come naturally. It comes supernaturally. People don’t like selfish people. If you want to be the type of person who helps, serves, and is there for others, then don’t miss what God’s Word has to say to you about how to become that kind of person.

  • Food

    7 Days

    Food can be an idol just like anything else. It can consume your thoughts, your attitudes and actions. Some people idolize food by eating too much of it and others idolize food by not eating enough of it. This seven-day plan will help you establish a healthy perspective on food by engaging with the Bible, the "bread of life."

  • Drugs and Alcohol

    7 Days 160x160

    Drugs and alcohol can be incredibly tempting for anyone - because of pressure from friends, because of curiosity, and because of feeling hopeless. This seven-day plan will present you with scripture that will lead you to God and His help as you navigate temptation and tough choices.

  • Lying

    7 Days

    Do little white lies matter? Are there different levels of lying, and are some okay? The truth is, God expects honesty. This seven-day plan will bring the Truth of scripture into your thinking. Quiet yourself before God and let your mind be renewed.

  • Abuse

    7 Days 160x160

    No person has ever deserved to be abused. God loves you and desire for you to be cherished and taken care of. No mistake, no shortcoming, no misunderstanding should ever be met with physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. This seven-day plan will help establish the understanding that God desires justice, love, and comfort for every single person.

  • Authentic

    7 Days

    What does it mean to live a christian life that is real? This devotional is designed to help teenagers understand what it means to live an authentic life makes a huge impact!

  • Gossip

    7 Days 160x160

    The words we use have incredible power, to build up and to tear down. Gossip is especially toxic. So what role do words play in your life - to bring life or to destroy others? This seven-day plan will help you understand that God takes very seriously what comes out of our mouths. Quiet yourself and just listen to what He has to say.