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  • Healthy Practices Of Ministry Couples

    22 Days

    This 16-day devotional (with two catch-up days) was written for couples in ministry roles by couples in ministry roles. At Leading and Loving It, we believe that ministries will not be healthy unless marriages are healthy first. You and your spouse will discuss a variety of topics including communication, finances and sexual intimacy!

  • Better Together

    24 Days 160x160

    There’s no way you can be all God wants you to be and fulfill the purposes that you were put on this planet to fulfill without any help. We need each other, and we belong to each other in the Body of Christ! In this series, Pastor Rick explains how to do life in relationship to other people.

  • 40 Days Of Love

    28 Days 160x160

    Everyone has a life principle, whether it’s comfort, fun, safety, or affirmation. Join Pastor Rick for this series that walks through the ways to make love the most important goal of your life and be obedient to Christ: “Let love be your greatest aim” (1 Corinthians 14:1).

  • "Sexodus" Relationships Devotional

    40 Days 160x160

    This 40-day reading plan is designed to help those in a relationship, those planning to get married, or those already married to get into the Word and understand the Biblical foundations of marriage.

  • One: A Marriage Devotional by Jimmy Evans

    52 Days 160x160

    Develop a thriving relationship with your spouse through this marriage-building devotional from Jimmy Evans and Marriage Today. Read from this plan once a week, or each day for a more intensive investment.