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  • Hillsong Worship, Easter - The Overflow Devo

    4 Days 160x160

    Easter weekend is the one time of year when Christians and non-Christians alike pause and take time to consider Jesus and what they believe about Him. In partnership with TheOverflow, this four day Devotional from Hillsong Worship dives deeper into the Easter message from four songs including a newly released single, O Praise The Name.

  • Matt Maher - The Overflow Devo

    7 Days 160x160

    The Dove Award winning singer/songwriter and worship leader Matt Maher has constructed an exclusive Easter Reading Plan for The Overflow Devo on YouVersion. Drawing upon the themes illustrated in several of his songs, including “Christ is Risen,” Matt Maher leads a weeklong devotional centered around the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, as well as a discussion surrounding the personal implications of this most glorious reflection of God’s love and mercy.

  • Children's Guide to Easter

    7 Days 160x160

    4Soils provided this 7 day reading plan for children which shows Jesus' final days in Jerusalem, with colorful illustrations to help the story come to life. Read it together with your child to help them understand how Jesus died to save us our sins. The illustrations come from the Life of Jesus Bible App series (on iPhone/iPad), and guided questions help you to engage your child in discussion.

  • Seven Mile Miracle Easter Devotion

    7 Days 160x160

    The Seven Mile Miracle Easter Devotion from Elevation Church and Pastor Steven Furtick revolves around seven of Jesus’ final sayings on the cross. This seven-day study utilizes daily readings and practical applications stretch your faith in Jesus, the resurrected Son of God. For more resources, including a DVD study and small group participant’s guide, visit

  • The Story of Easter

    7 Days 160x160

    How would you spend the last week of your life knowing that it was your last? The last week Jesus was on earth in human form was filled with memorable moments, fulfilled prophecies, intimate prayer, deep discussion, symbolic acts, and world-changing events. Designed to start the Monday before Easter, each day of this reading plan walks you through the chapters from the four Gospels that tell the story of this Holy week.

  • "It is Finished" Was Just the Beginning

    8 Days 160x160

    The Holy Week is a time where believers can truly reflect on and celebrate the lengths God went to in order to redeem us! This Easter, walk with us through the events that took place during Jesus’ final week. Connect to the past as we reflect on prophecies He fulfilled each day and get a peak into the future as we see the fruit it produced for the early church, as well as for us today.

  • For the Joy Set Before Him: An Easter Devotional

    8 Days

    The final week in the life of Jesus was no ordinary week. It was a time of bittersweet goodbyes, lavish giving, cruel betrayals and prayers that shook heaven. Experience this week, from Palm Sunday to the miraculous Resurrection, as we read through the Biblical account together. We will cheer with the crowds on Jerusalem’s streets, shout in anger at Judas and the Roman soldiers, cry with the women at the Cross, and celebrate as Easter morning dawns!

  • The Artist Bible: Easter

    8 Days

    The Artist Bible is a living response to the Living Word. Join us this Easter as poets, musicians, artists, and creatives use their gifts to illuminate the verses surrounding Holy Week in 8 inspiring and challenging videos. This devotional is a multimedia experience.

  • Celebrate Easter Passion Week in Prayer

    8 Days 160x160

    This Easter Passion Week, celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection through a series of short audio prayers on hope. His death put an end to death, and His resurrection brings the resurrection of all things. Allow wonder, marvel and gratitude to fill your heart today because of Jesus’ victory. We are forgiven, we are beloved and we are His! -Author @ScottyWardSmith

  • JESUS THE KING: An Easter Devotional By Timothy Keller

    9 Days 160x160

    New York Times bestselling author and renowned pastor Timothy Keller shares a series of episodes from the life of Jesus as told in the book of Mark. Taking a closer look at these stories, he brings new insights on the relationship between our lives and the life of the son of God, leading up to Easter. JESUS THE KING is now a book and study guide for small groups, available wherever books are sold.

  • Love to the Uttermost: Holy Week with John Piper

    9 Days

    Love to the Uttermost is a devotional spanning from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. It is comprised of eight excerpts (plus one prologue reading) selected from John Piper’s vast 32-year writing and preaching ministry at Bethlehem Baptist Church in the Twin Cities. This devotional can be used for personal, family, or group devotions. It can serve anyone who seeks a steadied gaze to watch our Savior as he loves us to the uttermost.

  • Our Daily Bread: The Promise of Easter

    10 Days 160x160

    The following devotionals are designed to help you in your spiritual journey. Each article has been selected to help you understand more about God's love for you, and we hope that through these readings you will find encouragement, comfort, and true peace this Easter season.

  • Red-Letter Day

    12 Days

    Bloody, beaten, and nailed to a cross, a dying Jesus looked at those around Him and spoke His final words as a man. In this 12-day reading and devotional plan, you’ll examine Jesus’ final words and see the power that they have for us today. Relive Jesus' final hours, and celebrate His ultimate victory on this red-letter day.

  • In Our Place: Lenten Devotions From Time of Grace

    14 Days 160x160

    This reading plan will walk you through the Lenten season, which brings us the incredible stories of the suffering, condemnation, and death of Jesus Christ in our place.

  • Good Morning Girls - Easter

    27 Days

    Good Morning Girls is an online community of women which exists to inspire, encourage and equip women all over the world to get into God’s Word on a daily basis through our daily Bible reading plans. Each day you can join our online community by participating in our Monday-Wednesday-Friday corresponding blog posts a

  • Preparing Our Hearts for Easter: A Lenten Devotional

    40 Days

    What is Lent? It is a time in which we anticipate the victory of the light and life of Christ over the darkness of sin and death. As we journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter, we are reminded of the reality of our frailty and God’s redeeming grace. This devotional was created by the staff of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

  • Devotions for Lent from Holy Bible: Mosaic

    46 Days 160x160

    This daily devotional through the 46 day season of Lent, adapted from Holy Bible: Mosaic, brings together quotes, readings, and Scripture to help you focus your mind on Christ. Whether you are unsure about what the season of Lent is all about or you have been practicing Lent and the church year your entire life, you’ll appreciate the Scripture readings and devotional insight from Christians around the world and throughout history. Join with us and the church around the world in focusing on Jesus throughout the weeks that lead up to Easter.

  • Lent: With One Voice

    46 Days 160x160

    A Lent devotional material created by the pastors of International Churches of Hong Kong, a guide for decisions, a vision of the future and a challenge to lifestyle. It is a subversive material that undermines contemporary assumptions and defies social norms. It is all of this because it is the Word of God as recorded by Mark and others, and therefore is about the transformation of people and communities.

  • 2015 Belmont University Lenten Guide

    47 Days 160x160

    Again this year, through an intentional partnership between the College of Theology and Christian Ministry and the Office of University Ministries at Belmont University, we have been able to create and offer a Lenten Devotional guide to help our campus community prepare for Easter.

  • 40 Days of Lent

    47 Days

    Lent has always been a time to turn our attention to all that has been done for us on the cross in Christ. This lavish gift can be meditated on year after year, and still would leave us to wonder in amazement. Through this reading plan, you will walk through the gospel accounts in chronological order, tracing the steps of Jesus during his last week of his earthly ministry. This plan is 47 days in length, but the seven Sundays are days of rest according to tradition.

  • Lent: Journey According To Luke

    49 Days 160x160

    A Lent devotional material created by the pastors of International Churches of Hong Kong. Journey is intended to assist our route towards Easter from the Gospel of Luke, a devotional emphasizes the theme of ‘journey’. Both in Jesus’ ministry and His parables the notion of travelling is significant.

  • Lent For Everyone

    53 Days

    Lent for Everyone is a devotional created and written by N.T. (Tom) Wright. For each day of Lent, there is a reading chosen from the Gospel of Matthew, plus a reflection by Wright. These readings have grown out of a project encouraging Lent reading in Northern England. This is the second in a three-volume series based on the Revised Common Lectionary of the Church of England.