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  • Motivation For Men – Keeping It Pure

    30 Days 160x160

    If you use the Internet, it's no secret that Internet pornography is an occupational hazard for men, and there are many other sources of sexual temptations for men as well. Learn how God's word can make you a winner in the fight to be sexually pure.

  • "Sexodus" Relationships Devotional

    40 Days 160x160

    This 40-day reading plan is designed to help those in a relationship, those planning to get married, or those already married to get into the Word and understand the Biblical foundations of marriage.

  • Epic (Part 3): The Storyline Of The Bible

    92 Days 160x160

    This is part three of a four part plan to read the books of the Bible that tell of the historical events. Although the Bible contains many stories, it is one epic story of God’s interactions with humanity. One day per week can be used to catch up on missed readings or for reflection. Notes are also included to assist with understanding.