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  • Wiser and Happier: Special Military Edition from Time of Grace

    37 Days 160x160

    The experience of serving your country overseas--and sometimes seeing firsthand man’s inhumanity to man--may teach you important lessons about life while turning your stomach at the same time. But recognize that God has an even better way for us to learn life wisdom, a way that continually draws us closer to him no matter how far from family or church we might be. Because of his great love for us, he would much rather make us wiser through words. In this way we wouldn’t be sadder but wiser; we would be wiser and happier. The Bible’s book of Proverbs is an absolute gold mine of wisdom for the daily decisions you must make. It will help you develop your personal values and tune your life’s agenda more closely to resemble God’s.

  • Prophecy and Promise: Devotions from Time of Grace

    37 Days

    The prophets in the Bible were given direct messages from God for you. In this reading plan, read about the prophets' words of comfort and encouragement to help you make sense of your present and what awaits you in the future.

  • God's Goals For Your Roles: Devotions From Time Of Grace Ministry

    38 Days

    This 38 day reading plan offers thoughts about the God-given roles you carry out in your life.

  • Who Is God: Devotions From Time of Grace

    42 Days

    This reading plan answers the questions many have about who God is and what he does.

  • You Are Gifted: Devotions From Time of Grace

    42 Days

    We all experience times of insecurities. It is our hope that this reading plan inspires you to see yourself a little more as God sees you.