Taking the Leap: Exploring 5 Ways to Take a Leap of Faith and Move Confidently Into Your Calling

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One day as I was teaching my writer’s course, I listened as a student shared how she had been feeling a strong nudging to transition from her career into her calling as a writer. I watched her intensely as she explained what led her to this moment of awareness. As she talked, I could see the excitement, nervousness, concern, and uncertainty that accompanied her words.

I knew very well the emotions and thoughts that she carried, because that had been me about two years prior. I ran from the nudging for a couple years until I could no longer find peace or calm. Obedience was my only escape.

After our discussion that day, I continued to think about her. The look on her face, the concern in her voice, the tug on her heart… and I asked God one simple question, “Is there only one way to go from a career to a calling?”

It was at that moment that He began to download to me Five ways that He has led people to transition from their career into their calling, and I am excited to share them with you.

Now let me say, I am sure these are not the only ways we can do this; however, these are the ways God has highlighted to me to share with you. Today, I want you to prepare your heart for this new insight and revelation by shedding old beliefs about leaping with God.

The beliefs that say:

It will be hard.

It will become a financial burden.

It will not line up with future plans that have been on your heart.

You can’t do it now because…

You have to know the beginning from the end.

God taking care of you may look like suffering.

As we begin to take this journey, I want to encourage you that whatever you choose in obedience to Him will not harm you. It will work out well for you as you begin to declare with expectation what Romans 8:28 tells us, “This will turn out for my good.”